How Do Bag Making Machines Work Specifically?

Sep. 02, 2021

We use them every day. From grocery shopping to taking out the trash and transporting goods, flexible packaging solutions are essential at work and at home. With so many everyday applications, you may be wondering, how exactly are plastic bags made? Here you'll get the answer you've been looking for as we take an in-depth look at the processes used to make the different types of plastic bags!

At ZHONGFENG, we have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and researching bag making machines. During this time we have learned a few things about the manufacturing process and we want to pass this on to you. When you know how plastic bags are made, you will know for yourself the difference between a high quality product and an imitation. Not all bags are created equal, but at ZHONGFENG we have created for ourselves the best flexible packaging solutions, using high quality materials and designed to suit your specific needs. 


High Speed Full-automatic Bundling T-shirt Bag Making Machine

Raw materials

Bags made from high quality materials produce over 10 million tonnes of polyethylene each year, making it one of the most widely produced plastics in the world.

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer with a variable crystal structure and, depending on the type, has an extremely wide range of applications. While there are several types of polyethylene structures, the two most popular are high density and low density. We take this process very seriously. Our T-shirt bag making machines are specifically designed to package clothing produced in garment factories with excellent quality and provide protection for T-shirts. Whether your bags require specific colour variations, logo printing, we can create these products from scratch. After the plastic has been extruded you can customise your bags to make your bags as unique as your brand. Our bag making machines are capable of high speed production, saving you time.

Manufacturing process

Like we said, all of our plastic bags are made in-house, which gives us the knowledge of how to make the best bags and the ability to ensure quality every step of the way. Generally speaking, the plastic bags we use every day are made from linear polyethylene resin pellets. These pellets are blended into a homogeneous material and then melted in a high temperature extruder to produce a film that can be up to 700 feet long. Once cooled, this film is flattened to make it easier to work with and formed to the desired width. The film is then rolled into large rolls. These rolls are used in conjunction with machinery to make bags that contain custom features such as handles, zips, printing, and more. The bags are cut from the film to the desired size and then automatically sealed by heat. Each bespoke option is designed using precise automated machinery to give each bag the desired shape and uniformity for each bag type.

Bags for different uses

Not all plastic bags are the same. Because we have the ability to create exactly what you need, depending on what you are packing and how you are storing it, we can recommend the specific material bag that will give you the best use for your product.

You're in business in the food industry, and you probably already know the importance of the US. The US Food and Drug Administration's FDA compliant plastic packaging requirements. Regardless of the bag construction you choose, ZHONGFENG can manufacture materials to comply with FDA regulations. We understand that the details of these regulations require higher standards of purity than the typical plastic materials used for non-food packaging.

When your business is shipping products, you may want to consider non-slip bags. This material will provide an extra layer of security for pallet transport. These bags are often used for transporting heavier items. If you have ever carried a bag of organic fertilizer, you will know how heavy it is. These bags can weigh 50 pounds or more! To control the weight, manufacturers will mix a variety of materials in a low density bag to ensure strength and prevent the bag from tearing.

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